All these sandals have small damages as: lose stiches, marks, lose straps...etc.

You know that we only sell our shoes at full price when they are perfect conditions. These sandals are still very comfy to wear and very pretty. Some of these damages are not noticeable once you wear them.

We have decided to sell them cheaper than price-cost (not talking about shipping cost from Spain, customs, GST, boring stuff...) just beacause they can still giving a good use and we don't want to see these handcrafted shoes to get old and damaged on the shelves. Also, our aim is always to be 100% zero waste, we will never chuck any of precious shoes in the bin, we are sure someone else will love to use them. So, here we go! Unbeatable prices for you because we LOVE YOU!

Please choose wisely as these are not refundable. Thanks xx