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How are you? The last Tuesday we posted some curiosities about the FAIR TRADE  in our new section on Facebook - Do you know WHAT…? But… what is this exactly?

For 25 years the Fairtrade certification has been helping the consumer to choose products that meet the conditions of Fair Trade. More and more people are buying their power as consumers when they go shopping. If we all do the same, the companies should adapt their processes to our requirements, and not the other way around!

Meeting with the artisans

Fair Trade is a solidary trade system that supports the most disadvantaged producers in international trade, proposing an alternative to the current market that continues to reproduce inequality. It is based on dialogue, respect and transparency and takes into account social and environmental conditions. In addition, it establishes a fair price that covers producer costs for sustainable production.

The purpose of Fade Trade is to fight poverty and generate tools to improve the situation of producers and workers through the sale of their products in fairer conditions, including commercial, social and environmental aspects. 

Gaia Soul Designs participates in this new system of alternative trade, supporting its producers and workers in Morocco, establishing a fair price in their products to cover costs in their production. Besides, all its products are handmade by Moroccan craftsmen and the materials used are natural leathers and vegetable pigmentation, so it also takes into account the environmental conditions. From Gaia Soul Designs we want to aware all our customers of the importance of Fair Trade. We believe it is important for the future, because to help things change in a positive way, we have to start with ourselves. As a consumer you can do a lot, choose! 

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