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"El Nombre"

The meaning behind Gaia Soul


Hello Gaia lovers!

Today we want to dive into the meaning of Gaia Soul, which embodies the inspiration of the designs and the philosophy of our brand. The name “Gaia Soul” means the spirit of our mother earth.

In Greek mythology Gaia is the goddess of the earth, one of the primordial deities that were formed from Chaos. Gaia is the ancient mother earth, the creator of all life bringing into existence the mountains, plants, rivers, seas and everything that forms the earth we live on today.

This name reflects the impact that ancient Mediterranean cultures have on our designs and the big influence of the earth in every piece of our collection. We love our cosmos and we want to make sure we do our part to protect it.

We use biodegradable natural materials to make sure we respect the planet and the beings that live on it. We value the work of every person involved in our brand and ensure that they get paid a living wage, meeting the conditions of fair trade.

Gaia Soul is not just a name for us, it represents a life style, our foundations and a better way to interact with the world.

By Laura Alvarellos




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